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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Call to make a donation: 020 7395 9313

Festival 2023

R. W. Bro Ian Kingsbury - PGM

It is with the greatest of pride and pleasure that we announce the launch in January 2018 of the Devonshire 2023 Festival for the benefit of the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

Charitable giving is one of the cornerstones of our Order and supporting this Festival should be the main aim of Lodge fund raising and giving during this five year period. Every lodge will have a Charity Steward or appointed Festival Steward through whom the Festival can be supported and I would hope that every lodge will strive to achieve the highest level of Grand Patron.

Freemasons can make a donation to the 2023 Festival by direct debit, one off payment, credit card payment, by text donation and by telephone. Every donation will be credited to you personally and will count towards your personal honorific and also towards a Lodge or Chapter achievement total.

I would hope that every mason in our province will give something towards the Festival however large or small. I hope that every taxpaying mason will “Gift Aid” purchase the Festival jewel which can be worn with pride.

I look forward to sharing the joy and happiness this festival will bring and thank you in anticipation of your loyal dedication and commitment to Masonic charity.


Funds raised

Patrons & above

Patron Lodges & above

Latest News

  • Donation Form

    If you have not yet received your donation form and your Charity Steward doesn't have a form then download one from our website...
  • Festival launched!

    The Devonshire 2023 Festival for the Masonic Charitable Foundation got off to a flying start yesterday evening when 90 representatives...
  • Festival Lapel Pin

    Show your support for the festival by purchasing a Festival Lapel Pin for just £3. Ask your charity steward for one.
  • How to donate

    There are several methods of donating to the festival and most of them are described here. If you are in any doubt then please contact your Charity Steward who has a full guide on the options...
  • Launch Events

    To help Festival 2023 get off to a positive start there will be four launch events across the Province of Devonshire. Click the "Read More" button for further details.
  • Festival Ales

    Dartmoor Brewery support Province in offering sales of two Festival Ales. Find out more about Jail Ale and Legend and how they help the festival...
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