Monday, May 16, 2022

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Festival 2023

PGM R.W.Bro Ian KingsburyIt is with the greatest of pride and pleasure that we announce the launch in January 2018 of the Devonshire 2023 Festival for the benefit of the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

The Foundation took over the work of the four central Masonic Charities in April 2016 and now provides a wide range of grants to Freemasons and their families who have financial, healthcare or family needs.

It is worth remembering that this province receives approximately £1000 per day from the Masonic Charitable Foundation to support brethren and their families.

In addition, the MCF looks beyond Freemasonry to disadvantaged groups in the community, medical & social research along with support to a broad spectrum of other worthy charitable causes nationally and internationally.

The MCF has streamlined Masonic charity by bringing together the Freemasons Grand Charity, The Royal Masonic Trust for Boys and Girls, the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution and the Masonic Samaritan Fund. Administration costs are greatly reduced and all their good work continues under one charity. This good work can only be maintained by our continued giving.

Freemasons can make a donation to the 2023 Festival by direct debit, one off payment, credit card payment, by text donation and by telephone. Every donation will be credited to you personally and will count towards your personal honorific and also towards a Lodge or Chapter achievement total.

I would hope that every mason in our province will give something towards the Festival however large or small. I hope that every taxpaying mason will “Gift Aid” purchase the Festival jewel which can be worn with pride.

Charitable giving is one of the cornerstones of our Order and supporting this Festival should be the main aim of Lodge fund raising and giving during this five year period. Every lodge will have a Charity Steward or appointed Festival Steward through whom the Festival can be supported and I would hope that every lodge will strive to achieve the highest level of Grand Patron.

During the Festival period there will be events and other opportunities to support your province and hopefully enjoy ourselves. The Festival will end with a Festival Gala Dinner.

So it is with enthusiasm and pride in our province that I am pleased to ask for your support. I am honoured to be the Provincial Grand Master of Devonshire and I ask you to help me maintain the honour of the province by supporting this festival. Let us prove we are masons who care and set about this opportunity for doing good once again.

I look forward to sharing the joy and happiness this festival will bring and thank you in anticipation of your loyal dedication and commitment to Masonic charity.