Monday, July 04, 2022

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Festival 2023

To operate Festival 2023 it is essential to have sufficient command and control in place so that forward planning can be implemented and decisions can be made in a timely manner. This has meant that we have a Core Festival Committee comprising of Festival Chairman, Festival Secretary, Festival Treasurer, Festival Provincial Grand Charity Steward, Events Co-ordinator and Chairman Festival Friends.

To assist the Core Festival Committee there is an Extended Committee who provide a direct interface with Lodges and Brethren. This committee consists of 4 Area Managers and the Festival Webmaster.

As we progress through the festival there will be other sub-committees to look after specific events or promotions such the Festival Ales, Patrons Meetings etc.

Festival Committee

W. Bro Peter Keaty, Festival Chairman

W.Bro Peter Keaty

Festival Chairman
W.Bro Walker Lapthorne, Festival Secretary

W.Bro Walker Lapthorne

Festival Secretary
W.Bro Peter Bartlett, Festival Treasurer

W.Bro Peter Bartlett

Festival Treasurer
W.Bro Reuben Ayres, Festival PGChStwd

W.Bro Reuben Ayres

Festival PGChStwd
W.Bro Keith Williams, Events Co-ordinator

W.Bro Keith Williams

Events Co-ordinator
W.Bro Andrew Yelland, Chairman Festival Friends

W.Bro Andrew Yelland

Chairman Festival Friends
W.Bro Paul Adnams, Area Manager Plymouth

W.Bro Paul Adnams

Area Manager Plymouth
W.Bro Julian Turner, Area Manager North Devon

W.Bro Julian Turner

Area Manager North Devon
W.Bro Lee Williams, Area Manager South

W.Bro Lee Williams

Area Manager South
W.Bro Grahame Simons, Area Manager East

W.Bro Grahame Simons

Area Manager East
W.Bro David Goode, Webmaster

W.Bro David Goode