Monday, May 16, 2022
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Festival Friends

Dear Brethren,

In January 2018 the Provincial Grand Master will launch The Devonshire 2023 MCF Festival.

I have been charged by the Committee to look for willing Brethren who are willing to support the Festival by joining the “Festival League of Friends” and maybe help in just a small way, or if they have the time, to become fully involved.

I am especially looking for those members who have special skills and hidden talents, and who may be willing to volunteer to share those abilities with us and also those members who may just wish to become involved in the more menial tasks.

This can take the form of assistance as diverse as suggesting and running unique fund raising schemes suitable for charitable causes, organising events and manning stalls to sell merchandise at events.

I am also looking for members with a flair to assist with promotional design and print work for posters and banners etc. with possibly the facilities for printing, or maybe you could assist with IT work and assist the Provincial Website manager by feeding information to him and also posting items of interest via the Media on Facebook, Twitter etc?

Perhaps you may be interested in becoming involved in sales of unwanted items donated by Members, either on ebay or at car boot sales. That is another suggestion.

This list is not exhaustive. The committee are looking for YOU to volunteer, please don’t wait to be asked. All ideas, suggestions and offers of assistance will be appreciated and considered.

If you are interested and wish to become involved in the Festival in any way please contact:

W. Bro. Andrew Yelland

Tel: 01626 821094
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.