Monday, July 04, 2022

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Festival 2023

The Devonshire 2023 Festival is now well into its second year. Payments by direct debit to the Festival will be accepted up until the last day of December 2024 which gives some leeway for those brethren signing direct debit instructions over the rest of this year. However, adjustments to monthly payments will need to be made for brethren signing up after 1st January 2020 as the payment period will then be reduced. This being the case, the honorific levels and direct debit payments after 1st January 2020 will be as shown. Please note that the monthly payment will be constant dependent upon when your direct debit starts. If your payments start during 2021 then you will pay £8.33 per month for 36 months.

StatusTotalmonthlyDirect Debit Starts
Steward £300 £6.25 Before 31/12/2020
    £8.33 During 2021
    £12.50 During 2022
    £25.00 During 2023
Vice Patron £600 £12.50 Before 31/12/2020
    £16.67 During 2021
    £25.00 During 2022
    £50.00 During 2023
Patron £900 £18.75 Before 31/12/2020
    £25.00 During 2021
    £37.50 During 2022
    £75.00 During 2023
Grand Patron £1200 £25.00 Before 31/12/2020
    £33.33 During 2021
    £50.00 During 2022
    £100.00 During 2023

All of your donations made through the Relief Chest will be regularly totalled and once you attain the minimum threshold donation of £300 (including all future payments on active direct debits) you will receive your jewel. Any subsequent thresholds achieved will result in the appropriate status bar being sent to you. Just to make things clear – once a direct debit has been set up for a total sum of £300 or over (and taking into account any earlier payments to the Festival), a jewel will be sent to you – you will not have to wait until a total of £300 has been taken from your account.

One of the easiest ways to donate is to complete the Direct Debit form for The Devonshire MCF 2023 Festival. Forms are available from your Lodge Secretary. Once you have pledged your donation via Direct Debit your festival jewel will be issued.

There are a number of methods by which you can donate to the festival as shown on our "How to donate" page.

As always, lump sum payments can be made or any combination of direct debit and lump sum payments amounting to the honorific totals as shown above.

Thank you very much for supporting the Devonshire 2023 Festival and helping the MCF to continue its support of Freemasons and local charities.