Monday, May 16, 2022

There is still time!

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Festival News

Western District United Service Lodge No 2258 hosted a Whisky Tasting Evening at Davie Hall, Plymouth in November 2021 in support of the Devonshire 2023 MCF Festival.

The event which was organised by W. Bro. Mikey Collings Prov.D.G.D.C. proved to be a great success.


The presenter was Micky Plummer (photo 1) Brand Ambassador for Mackmyra Whisky and good friend of Mikey Collings. The Tasting Package consisted of six quality Whiskys and Micky even donated a £160 bottle from his personal collection, which was raffled on the night.

John and Jane Kingdom kindly donated a great buffet and ran the bar for the evening.

None of the whisky was wasted and was  gratefully “seen off” by Bro's Mark Beresford-Ward and Mick Beryll. (photo 3)

The lucky tasters present (photo 2) between them raised £655, which will be donated to the Festival Fund.

Many thanks from the Festival Committee to W.Bro. Mickey Collings & W.D.U.S. Lodge for this fantastic support.