Friday, July 19, 2019
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Festival News

Donation FormSince the launch of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Devonshire 2023 Festival brethren have been keen to show their support by committing to regular donations or outright payment for their Festival Jewel. Unfortunately it appears that some brethren have not yet received their Donation Form. To overcome that problem we have two solutions.

Solution One

At the bottom of this article you will find a link to enable you to download a pdf version of the form, which you can then complete and send off to the Relief Chest Scheme.

Solution Two

If you click on the "Donate" button at the top of the website it will take you the online version of the form at the MCF website. Just click on the third box titled "Festival Appeals" and then make your remaining selections on screen and complete the forms.

Whichever option you choose please make use of the Gift Aid option if you are a tax payer.

Download the Donation Form

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