Friday, July 19, 2019
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Festival News

widows sons routeThe Widows Sons Southwest Chapter are all masons with a shared love of motorbike, to this end we are putting our endurance to the test by attempting to ride 1000 miles in less than 24 hours. Be it rain sleet hail or snow (maybe even some sunshine) we will ride. Myself and any of the brethren mad enough to join me will undertake this on Saturday 25th August starting at 0900hrs in Exeter.

Our intended route is...

Exeter-Bristol-Haverfordwest-Bangor-Leeds-Norwich-Brighton-Exeter clocking up in the region of 1176 miles.

We are inspired by the work of Masonic Charitable Foundation and wanted to support them by raising money as part of our chapters participation in Devonshire MCF 2023 Festival. Please help us help them by giving whatever you can using this link -

The more people that know about the Masonic Charitable Foundation, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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