Friday, July 19, 2019
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Festival News

A Charity Stewards perspectiveThe generosity of Freemasons never ceases to amaze me. Just six weeks since the launch of the Devonshire 2023 Festival and the Brethren of the Lopes Lodge have achieved Patron status.

My predecessor has prepared us well with a Relief Chest specifically for any forthcoming Festival and another for charities that we wish to support through each year. Our main aim is to focus on the Festival for our charitable giving and this has helped us make a sizeable opening donation.

Having been Charity Steward for only some 12 months I have had time to prepare and learn the not inconsiderable task of becoming Charity Steward for the Lodge.

It’s always a sensitive and somewhat daunting task to approach the Brethren to ask for money, knowing as I do that some are able to afford more than others but I find that through the amazing fellowship we enjoy in Lodge and our Festive Board I am able to approach each brother personally whether in Lodge or on the telephone in the evenings. As expected without hesitation the Brethren step up.

I am so pleased and proud of the Brethren of Lopes in their response and support of the Festival.

W. Bro Chris deVerenne
Charity Steward Lopes Lodge 5526.

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