Monday, November 30, 2020
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Festival News

The full list is shown below and is displayed in Lodge number order.

Updated October 2020

Lodge No. | Lodge Name | % Stewards and above | Lodge Total | Donation/Member

39St John The Baptist Lodge296,260£139
70St John's Lodge125,100£155
105The Lodge of Fortitude338,557£168
106The Sun Lodge1310,887£130
112St George's Lodge4420,605£375
156Harmony Lodge134,870£157
159Brunswick Lodge0755£14
164Lodge of Perseverance2717,207£229
189The Lodge of Sincerity186,659£121
202The Lodge of Friendship102,800£67
223The Lodge of Charity162,500£100
230The Lodge of Fidelity54,460£121
248True Love and Unity Lodge148,440£114
251Loyal Lodge217,630£162
282Bedford Lodge277,100£145
303Benevolent Lodge4123,125£330
328St John's Lodge249,874£180
372The Lodge of Harmony236,545£149
421Loyal Lodge of Industry2315,981£208
444Lodge of Union1620,305£655
489The Lodge of Benevolence3316,145£177
494Lodge Virtue and Honor2912,709£219
666Lodge of Benevolence0500£14
710Pleiades Lodge2911,360£232
797Hauley Lodge93,063£93
847Fortescue Lodge158,930£144
954The St Aubyn Lodge147,728£184
1091Erme Lodge103,808£91
1125St Peter's Lodge429,417£262
1135Lodge of Concord258,608£269
1138The Devon Lodge146,830£122
1181De La Pole Lodge158,983£134
1212The Elms Lodge279,452£215
1247The St John's Lodge144,520£108
1254The Lodge Semper Fidelis309,305£251
1255The Dundas Lodge126,673£196
1284The Brent Lodge288,035£187
1332The Unity Lodge3918,497£303
1358Torbay Lodge175,545£107
1402The Jordan Lodge166,347£172
1443Salem Lodge179,078£157
1486Duncombe Lodge2710,445£163
1550The Lodge of Prudence124,510£180
1753Lodge of Obedience389,485£226
1847The Ebrington Lodge122,970£124
1855St Maurice Lodge154,506£83
1885Torridge Lodge264,948£130
2025The Lodge of St George3913,909£421
2189The Ashburton Lodge122,660£78
2258Western District United Service Lodge4220,438£359
2641The Dart Lodge114,350£124
2649Sir Francis Drake Lodge71,800£60
2655The Queen Victoria Lodge134,220£80
2659The Northcote Lodge248,755£302
2725Maristow Lodge143,100£89
2759The Rolle Lodge3011,802£223
2806The Lodge of the Three Pillars122,800£165
2958Sir Walter Raleigh Lodge3610,846£241
3033Manadon Lodge246,487£158
3102Lodge Concordia164,700£147
3226Philammon Lodge104,030£139
3251Lyn Lodge184,852£221
3337Royal Naval Lodge116,875£156
3403Trinity Lodge216,000£214
3483Conciliation Lodge3110,846£241
3704The Sir John Hawkins Lodge299,201£271
3721The Davie Lodge133,070£133
3821The Plym Lodge156,566£243
3924The Earl of Mount Edgcumbe Lodge126,135£186
4097The St Andrew Lodge9830,270£658
4098The Lodge of Integrity204,770£191
4099The Britannia Lodge00£0
4189The Victory Lodge177,890£152
4198The St Thomas Lodge2520,998£356
4239The Tamar Lodge173,021£126
4276St Andrew Lodge467,246£259
4352The Smeaton Lodge53,910£95
4360Armada Lodge0500£19
4405St John the Evangelist Lodge646,355£227
4604The Dartmoor Lodge366,656£171
4781Vale of Culm Lodge328,423£248
4782Sir Joshua Reynolds Lodge226,105£165
5069Miles Coverdale Lodge2610,772£203
5148The Lodge of St Mary215,500£190
5336The Lodge of Felicity527,285£737
5358Sanctuary Lodge101,200£41
5526Lopes Lodge10040,111£1,337
5624Braunton Lodge246,433£195
5789The Lord Roborough Lodge176,342£122
5806The Lodge of Saint Peter in Exeter449,003£333
5898Plymouth and District Masters Lodge52,500£64
6128The St Margaret's Lodge208,810£215
6129The Newton Lodge288,849£155
6228The Excester Lodge108,692£174
6279The Old Plymothian and Mannameadian Lodge317,705£241
6376The Lodge of St Simon436,522£284
6377Saint Nicholas Lodge175,650£195
6378Saint Bartholomew Lodge394,265£185
6449Tormohun Lodge252,460£123
6677The All Souls Lodge1517,330£510
6703The Lodge of Hope41,300£28
6706Courtland Lodge449,761£271
6797The Old Helean Lodge3113,831£329
6857The Lodge of The Seven Hills01,500£75
6927The Lodge of Good Intention1910,070£210
7009The Estuary Lodge102,800£68
7018The Teign Lodge246,680£176
7241The Mayflower Lodge112,335£61
7878Pelican Lodge387,996£250
7883Quest Lodge527,791£371
7949Vale of Haldon Lodge5712,278£585
8186St Michael's Lodge4515,920£339
8227Torbay Master's Lodge01,500£32
8234Petitor Lodge243,735£110
8277Yealm Lodge81,510£58
8497Bishop Surtees Lodge2913,340£392
8698Bovey Tracey Lodge186,560£173
9000The Old Exonian Lodge237,030£150
9037West Buckland School Lodge173,738£156
9249Devonian Lodge of Installed Masters361,350£32
9250Devon Farmers Lodge135,705£127
9316North Devon Masters Lodge52,523£40
9323The Lodge of St Lawrence175,795£200
9355Per Mare Per Terram Lodge145,870£117
9528Royal Marines Plymouth Lodge167,050£114
9558The Louis Marchesi Lodge3815,909£338
9613The Devon Emergency Services Lodge273,370£112
9720The Noontide Lodge142,756£98
9783The Scout Lodge333,446£104
9855Seven Stars Lodge4900£39
9892The Lodge of Construction228,632£233