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The full list is shown below and is ranked based on Donation per Lodge Member. This is calculated by taking the Lodge Total and dividing it by the number of subscribing members in the Lodge.

Updated January 2020

Lodge No. | Lodge Name | % Stewards and above | Lodge Total | Donation/Member

39St John The Baptist Lodge275,710£127
70St John's Lodge124,740£144
105The Lodge of Fortitude298,057£158
106The Sun Lodge139,947£118
112St George's Lodge4520,680£376
156Harmony Lodge195,170£167
159Brunswick Lodge0755£14
164Lodge of Perseverance2713,086£174
189The Lodge of Sincerity186,659£121
202The Lodge of Friendship102,810£67
223The Lodge of Charity162,500£100
230The Lodge of Fidelity54,460£121
248True Love and Unity Lodge126,930£94
251Loyal Lodge216,630£141
282Bedford Lodge246,180£126
303Benevolent Lodge4319,218£275
328St John's Lodge257,759£141
372The Lodge of Harmony206,495£148
421Loyal Lodge of Industry1813,154£171
444Lodge of Union5215,380£496
489The Lodge of Benevolence3514,955£164
494Lodge Virtue and Honor2810,110£174
666Lodge of Benevolence00£0
710Pleiades Lodge2210,630£217
797Hauley Lodge93,063£93
847Fortescue Lodge158,930£144
954The St Aubyn Lodge147,728£184
1091Erme Lodge102,748£65
1125St Peter's Lodge429,100£253
1135Lodge of Concord258,458£264
1138The Devon Lodge185,830£104
1181De La Pole Lodge138,983£134
1212The Elms Lodge328,973£204
1247The St John's Lodge123,670£87
1254The Lodge Semper Fidelis327,860£212
1255The Dundas Lodge186,968£205
1284The Brent Lodge337,450£173
1332The Unity Lodge3914,324£235
1358Torbay Lodge125,190£100
1402The Jordan Lodge195,122£138
1443Salem Lodge147,718£133
1486Duncombe Lodge2710,470£164
1550The Lodge of Prudence124,510£180
1753Lodge of Obedience369,345£223
1847The Ebrington Lodge122,470£103
1855St Maurice Lodge154,461£83
1885Torridge Lodge265,023£132
2025The Lodge of St George3313,909£421
2189The Ashburton Lodge92,560£75
2258Western District United Service Lodge2814,558£255
2641The Dart Lodge113,350£96
2649Sir Francis Drake Lodge101,800£60
2655The Queen Victoria Lodge134,220£80
2659The Northcote Lodge237,070£202
2725Maristow Lodge113,150£90
2759The Rolle Lodge258,871£167
2806The Lodge of the Three Pillars182,800£165
2958Sir Walter Raleigh Lodge3310,540£234
3033Manadon Lodge205,524£135
3102Lodge Concordia123,730£117
3226Philammon Lodge73,400£117
3251Lyn Lodge184,650£211
3337Royal Naval Lodge147,030£160
3403Trinity Lodge185,040£180
3483Conciliation Lodge2910,246£228
3704The Sir John Hawkins Lodge329,276£273
3721The Davie Lodge133,070£133
3821The Plym Lodge195,450£202
3924The Earl of Mount Edgcumbe Lodge155,620£170
4097The St Andrew Lodge10029,600£643
4098The Lodge of Integrity204,690£188
4099The Britannia Lodge00£0
4189The Victory Lodge217,585£146
4198The St Thomas Lodge2719,239£326
4239The Tamar Lodge173,021£126
4276St Andrew Lodge507,246£259
4352The Smeaton Lodge103,710£90
4360Armada Lodge0350£13
4405St John the Evangelist Lodge292,750£98
4604The Dartmoor Lodge366,481£166
4781Vale of Culm Lodge325,595£165
4782Sir Joshua Reynolds Lodge195,360£145
5069Miles Coverdale Lodge2610,667£201
5148The Lodge of St Mary175,500£157
5336The Lodge of Felicity517,285£467
5358Sanctuary Lodge101,200£41
5526Lopes Lodge10034,541£1,151
5624Braunton Lodge185,625£170
5789The Lord Roborough Lodge175,692£109
5806The Lodge of Saint Peter in Exeter448,998£333
5898Plymouth and District Masters Lodge82,500£64
6128The St Margaret's Lodge278,000£195
6129The Newton Lodge238,120£142
6228The Excester Lodge107,212£144
6279The Old Plymothian and Mannameadian Lodge3810,100£316
6376The Lodge of St Simon436,517£283
6377Saint Nicholas Lodge174,720£163
6378Saint Bartholomew Lodge394,700£204
6449Tormohun Lodge202,360£118
6677The All Souls Lodge1215,700£462
6703The Lodge of Hope41,250£27
6706Courtland Lodge448,966£249
6797The Old Helean Lodge3611,841£282
6857The Lodge of The Seven Hills01,000£50
6927The Lodge of Good Intention2310,070£210
7009The Estuary Lodge122,800£68
7018The Teign Lodge266,660£175
7241The Mayflower Lodge112,335£61
7878Pelican Lodge195,115£160
7883Quest Lodge525,631£268
7949Vale of Haldon Lodge628,908£424
8186St Michael's Lodge368,025£171
8227Torbay Master's Lodge01,500£32
8234Petitor Lodge213,430£101
8277Yealm Lodge0500£19
8497Bishop Surtees Lodge2910,740£316
8698Bovey Tracey Lodge186,560£173
9000The Old Exonian Lodge236,870£146
9037West Buckland School Lodge82,238£93
9249Devonian Lodge of Installed Masters21,350£32
9250Devon Farmers Lodge114,220£94
9316North Devon Masters Lodge32,523£40
9323The Lodge of St Lawrence175,295£183
9355Per Mare Per Terram Lodge165,690£114
9528Royal Marines Plymouth Lodge187,030£113
9558The Louis Marchesi Lodge2812,286£261
9613The Devon Emergency Services Lodge202,660£89
9720The Noontide Lodge142,716£97
9783The Scout Lodge213,246£98
9855Seven Stars Lodge4900£39
9892The Lodge of Construction248,492£230

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